BIZZY BEE and the FLOWERS by Jill Warren

This is the story of a bumblebee, Bizzy, who begins his journey to make this world a better place. But, like in real life, things are more difficult than we expect and he has to struggle to end each day feeling satisfied and rest easy.

The first day of his life he meets some unfriendly Flowers. First a selfish Sunflower, then a domineering Rock which protects a bland Dandelion and, finally, a wary rosebush which is still too scared by a previous negative experience.

At the end of his working day our bee is pretty tired and looking for a place to sleep.

Fortunately, a nice, wise Daisy welcomes him and lets him rest protected by her soft petals.

Bizzy's tale is a metaphor of relationships among people. 

Sometimes you'll meet a showy Sunflower who spends his life waiting for something better.

Occasionally you'll have to decode a timid Dandelion with no personality of his own, victim of a supposed friend who makes his decisions for him.

Quite often you'll listen to a Rosebush saying he is way too scared of being hurt again and you'll realize how impossible it is to be part of his life.

So this book is about consciousness of oneself, capacity to recognize other people 's problems and be strong enough to keep looking for real friends, someone who will suit you. It tells us that, exactly like Bizzy, it's better to move on instead of wasting time trying to make happy someone who doesn't appreciate your effort and even makes you feel bad about what you are.

As en ESL teacher I would read this book to a class of pre-teen and early-teenagers, the stage of life when they start to get involved more deeply in relationships with their mates. This book could be a good excuse for a class debate about these topics.

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