How to teach BEHIND and IN FRONT OF to pre-school kids

Teaching preschoolers is challenging. They can't read or write and their attention spam is directly connected to the interest they feel for what you're trying to teach them.

This month I've been teaching prepositions of place. 

If, on the one hand, ON and UNDER have been assimilated quite quickly, because, I think, they're just one-word prepositions, on the other hand, it looked that BEHIND and IN FRONT OF were more difficult to be learnt.

Till I got inspired by a picture I saw in an English book for children. It was a pre-drawn wood with monkeys hiding behind trees or placed in front of them.

What I did to make it more interesting was to paint trees on a piece of paper and use some stickers, colorful cats, to repeat the exercise.

The kids had to place whole cats IN FRONT OF the trees and cut those cats that they wanted to place behind the trees, to give the impression that they were hiding.

You can see the result in the picture. 

Lovely, isn't it?

Then I asked them to count how many cats were hiding and how many cats weren't, just to review numbers.

Of course, you can draw a different landscape according to the stickers you have at home.

Have fun!

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