I LIKE IT! A game for young learners!

Time to teach your young learners some food vocabulary and introduce the verb 'like'?

Here's a game I tried in my class, that achieved a great success and involvement.

You'll need two opposite walls and an empty space of 3/4 square meters , food flash cards and, finally, several sheets of paper, where you will draw happy faces and sad faces. 

To avoid painful crashes among your students, calculate 1happy face every 3 children and the same for the sad faces. 
Stick the happy faces on one wall and the sad faces on the opposite one, at different distances from the floor.

Line up your students between the two walls, in the middle of the area.

Stand in front of them and show the first flash card, a strawberry, for example, and say: 
"I like strawberries" or "I don't like strawberries".

When they hear "I like" they will have to run towards the happy faces to touch them.

On the other hand, if they hear "I don't like" they will run towards the sad faces on the opposite wall.

Speed of sentences depends on their level of attention and age.
Try slowly first. With 3 to 4 ones it's enough. 
5 year old ones are faster and, mine at least, enjoyed running quickly and splatting themselves against the wall (!!!!)

The second time you can give 2 or 3 flash cards to a volunteer and let him say the sentences.

Once again: HAVE FUN!!!

P.S. You can also try different vocabulary sets, like animals, verbs, etc.

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