Lesson Plan: Clothes and More - Part 2


-YES / NO game
Arrange your class in two lines, that will start behind a line drawn with chalk on the floor. Calculate approximately 1,5 / 2 meters from that line and write the words YES  AND NO on the floor, near you.

Start showing a flashcard of shoes (for example) and say: " This is a pair of SHOES  / I'm wearing SHOES" . The first two kids of the lines will have to run toward the word YES. The first who arrives on the YES gains 1 point for his team.

Then show another card with a skirt (for example) and say: "This is a SWEATER! / I'm wearing a SWEATER" . The first who arrives on the word NO will get the point. 

Make the most of it asking what it is really shown on the flashcard and give him a second point!

P.S. Initially you'll notice that someone might get confused about what to do. They will jump on YES if they are really wearing the indicated garment, explain the rules again and keep playing, they'll soon correct the performance.

O O O O O O O          YES
O O O O O O O           NO

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  1. Like it, Miss Lucy! I tried something similar not that long ago with 'there is' vs. 'there are'. It worked a treat and they loved it too! :0)

  2. Hi Laura! Actually it'a a game you can use for many topics and it's always fun ;o)