Lesson Plan: Clothes and more - Part 1

In my experience children are usually more interested in food than in clothes. 
To teach them  how to say what they are wearing is the 'mission impossible' of pre-school teachers.
That is why I'm going to tell you some games related to it that will make it easier.

1 - Let's start with VOCABULARY INTRODUCTION games.

If you have a basket, a chest or a simple box in your classroom don't be afraid to fill it up with all kinds of clothes. Ask your students' parents to bring old garments and costumes left at the bottom of their children's closets. Then take your time and let pupils go digging in the box to choose their favorite outfit. 

In this first phase you will only ask them, after they have got dressed up: " What are you wearing?". Certainly they aren't going to know, so you will tell them and make them repeat the words you have said.

I have a little step in my classroom next to the wall and I used it to facilitate the learning process. I made my students line up on the step, in front of me. Then I showed them clothes on flashcards, one by one, saying: "I'm wearing trousers!" If they really were wearing trousers they had to jump down off the step. 
They loved it!!!

After a couple of times you can say only the first part of the sentence: "I'm wearing…" and let them finish the sentence with the name of the picture shown, while jumping. 

Great results achieved!!!

P.S. If you don't have a step in your classroom they can jump anyway, for example inside or outside a circle drawn on the floor.

During this second time, after the jump game, you will lead the dress up game asking them what they want to wear. It will be a good way to activate their memory and have them making an effort.

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  1. I agree! I can't get them interested in learning clothes. And I have a big and noisy class and I was running out of ideas for them and clothes. Thanks a million, these games are great!