Anorak: Yay for Dreams!!!

It's finally time for the latest issue of Anorak, the happy mag for kids!

Dreams are the protagonists this time.

Which one would you like to buy? A 'flying over the cities' dream or perhaps you'd rather get a 'flying over the rainforest' one? There's the 'flying over the zoos' dream too, but it'll cost you 50,000 neurons and 300 kg of imagination!

Those who are afraid of having nightmares will find several options to overcome their fear. One solution might be making some night-time friends, following a few easy steps. Another solution to avoid nightmares might be the 'dream- catcher': a sort of dream filter, originally used by some Native Americans, which keeps nightmares out  and lets good dreams enter our sleepy heads.

By the way, once you've got your issue, don't miss Oliver and Clara's dreams and the strange case of Raya, the doll that one morning decided to come alive!

As always, Anorak comes loaded of fun and interesting illustrated stories,  and if you are a teacher you can surely get some inspiration for cross-curricular projects.

Furthermore, don't forget that any child, aged 6 to 12, as well as 'obsessed' with reading, writing and drawing, has the possibility of becoming a Little Editor. What does that mean? Take a look here.

Have fun!

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