Build Your Own Neighborhood!

Mari Richards is a toy designer who delights us with her nice little paper houses, all downloadable for free on Vivint's The Neighborhood web page. 

It's a really good resource if you're teaching vocabulary about the city, its shops and places.

The houses themselves don't present any shop signs, but you can always let your students draw one, directly on the house's surface or on a sticker. 

However, if you like them as they are, using some toothpicks, you can even make little flags showing the shop's name.

Then, on a big piece of cardboard, draw streets, railways, pedestrian crossings and…there you are!  

Your city is ready to practice how to ask for and give directions!

Thank you Mari Richards!!!


Do you need a ready made game for tomorrow's English class? Miss Lucy's Teaching Fun: Guess What?!? ((Vocabulary Activities for Young Learners of English)) is the solution!

I design series of activities based on a communicative method that will help children to practice the grammar they're learning at school.

Many ESL activities, I see, are nothing more than 'fill in the blank' exercises that only teach kids how to fill in blanks and miss the whole point of learning to speak and understand a new language.

It's much easier and more fun to learn by doing, and you'll be surprised at how quickly you'll see valuable results. 

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