THE MOON IS COLD by Enrich Lluch

Let's keep talking about garments! Winter is almost finished but a nice scarf and a woollen cap are necessary, for example during sudden snow storms like the one that's on Madrid right now…

Actually would it be possible that our moon, over there, were cold?

The Moon Is Cold sweetly answers the question.  Sarah is probably 5 and she likes the Moon very much. So much, to worry about her when a sudden storm starts pouring rain all over the town.

The Moon's expression is not particularly happy under the rain, so the little girl decides to help her new friend and runs towards her wardrobe to look for a raincoat to lend to the satellite in order to avoid its putting out.

Cute book with cute pictures that your youngsters will absolutely love. Especially because it gives a soul to an inanimate thing… a sort of diversion children usually enjoy quite a lot. Actually, yesterday, I had the opportunity to listen to a 3 year-old boy asking ' why didn't the statue speak?'.

Inside the book there are several weather and clothes' items to teach and, at the end of the story, you might ask your listeners to try to draw the moon wearing a raincoat (!!!).

As in At The Fair, you will also find a little cartoon on the top left corner that shows the moon peacefully turning around herself. 

So… Enjoy it!

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