In the Fridge…There is Food!!!

You have already taught a lot of food vocabulary and now the moment to use it in some sentences has arrived.

Here's a simple but practical craft to improve your students' speaking skills.

Cut out the mock fridge from a cardboard. You can prepare a big one, visible to all your students or make them build their own.

They can draw food items or choose them from supermarket ads; cut them out and stick them inside the fridge. 

If you have a class of less than 10 students, they can, one by one, tell what there is/are in the fridge. 

If your class is bigger you can call out 3 or 4 students everyday to tell in front of the others what there is/ are in the fridge. 

Or make them stick things in the fridge as you call them out. 

The number of possibilities is as big as your imagination. 
Just make sure that everyone has his own scissors, glue and crayons.


- There is / There are
- There isn't / There aren't
- Some / Any
- Much / Many / A Lot of / Lots of
- Slices / Pieces / Loaf - Loaves
- Bowls / Jars /  Packs / Bottles / Tupperware / Ice-cubeTrays / Cups / etc.
- Tins / Cans

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