Magnetic Moments!!!©

Here we are!!!
Another trick to get your students involved in learning English.
You can do it by yourself, buying:
"stacks" (little squared magnets) at the newsagent's and white sticker paper, so you'll be able to draw, colour and write on it.

Game example:
These Magnetic Cards could be used for many different classic games: Dominoes, Bingo, Memory, or, simpler, throwing the matching pair at the magnetic board from a certain distance (my students, currently do it with their "staks" of Star Wars).

It’s a MODULAR GAME, rechargeable like ‘Trivial Pursuit’, for example.
You ‘buy’ the first box with the base and one or two subjects,
then when you need another one because you’re explaining it in class,
you can buy the "recharge" that contains Cards dealing with the subject you need only.

Subject Areas:
Clothes, Body parts,
Seasons and weather,
Days, months, holidays,
Sports, Professions,
House - furniture,
City, Telling time,
Park, The classroom, Animals, Verbs, everyday routine, Food and Drink, Colours, Adjectives (opposites) Verbs.


Combine words with their
correspondent pictures.

Combine present tense with past tense.

Connect verbs with subjects, or objects,
words with definitions.

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