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I would like to share with you this amazing blog about how to read illustrated stories to your children or students.  

The author, Ellen Duthie is British, but lives in Spain, and her blog includes reviews and read-aloud recordings of a selection of her favourite children's books.

Enjoy this first one: I WANT MY HAT BACK by Jon Klassen

Pay particularly attention to the rhythm, the intonation and the pronunciation. Listen to the different voices of each character that appears in the book. 

Learning these few tricks will help you to get the attention and participation of your kids during the whole story time!!!

I design series of activities based on a communicative method that will help children to practice the grammar they're learning at school.

Many ESL activities, I see, are nothing more than 'fill in the blank' exercises that only teach kids how to fill in blanks and miss the whole point of learning to speak and understand a new language.

It's much easier and more fun to learn by doing, and you'll be surprised at how quickly you'll see valuable results. 

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