Summer Camp 2014: AT THE BEACH

As they say "Time flies when you're having fun!", and July has just flown away. I can't even believe it!

I had the opportunity to teach my own Summer Camp again in the same place as last year, with even more children aged 4 and 5.

This year we worked on holidays and I'm sure you've already guessed the topics: at the beach, under the sea and in the woods.

Let's start from the beginning: AT THE BEACH

First of all, I introduced the new vocabulary using this pack where you'll find flashcards and activities about beach items.

We played beach ball games and...

Simon Says at the Beach
Simon Says at the Beach is simply a game of Simon Says with beach theme movements like these.
Walk like a crab. 
Snap like a lobster. 
Swim like fish. 
Roll your arms like a big wave. 
Tip toe like you're walking on hot sand. 
Dig in the sand.

Sand Bucket Bean Bag Toss: set up sand buckets and play a beanbag toss game.

What time is it Mr. Lifeguard?
This is a fun game to play outside. You can change the name to suit any
The children all line up against a wall or fence.
And one child, (Mr. Lifeguard) or the teacher faces away from the
children, a good distance away from the children.
The children yell, what time is it "Mr. Lifeguard",
Mr. Lifeguard answers 1 o'clock, and the children all take one step toward
Mr. Lifeguard.
The children yell again, what time is it "Mr. Lifeguard",
Mr. Lifeguard answers (fill in the blank) o'clock, and the children all
take same number of step toward Mr. Lifeguard.
This continues until all the children are very close to Mr. Lifeguard,
then Mr. Lifeguard will answer it's midnight, and chases the children back
to the fence or wall that they started at. The first person Mr. Lifeguard
touches will be the new Mr. Lifeguard.

Beach Hide and Seek
Play the game the same as above, except hide the beach object. Then
tell the children individually whether they are "hot" or "cold" to the
relation of the object. Allow the other children to have a change to
hide the object, and tell children whether they are "hot or cold". It may be a good idea to discuss the meaning of hot and cold before you
play this game.

Beach Shape Fishing Game
Tie 3 feet of string to a wooden spoon. Attach a magnet to the end of
the string. Cut and laminate many different colored, and sized beach
shapes from construction paper (not too big though). Attach a paper clip
to each shape. Spread the shapes on the floor and let your child try to
catch the shapes. Have them try to catch the red shape.. or the biggest
shape. For a twist, label the shapes with letters or numbers. Ask the
children to catch a specific shape, or ask them which shape they caught.

We sang these songs:

My Beach Ball Song
sung to "Mary had a Little Lamb"

Once I had a beach ball
a beach ball
a beach ball
Once I had a beach ball
Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce

Beach Song
Tune: The Farmer in the Dell
Song - words by Laurie Patsalides

I'm walking to the beach; (Walk in place.)
I'm walking to the beach. (Walk in place.)
I think I'll find a shell in the sand. (Pretend to dig.)
I'm walking to the beach. (Walk in place.)
Repeat with different motions for physical activity (running, stomping or marching).

And every day the kids enjoyed a handicraft activity:

Sand Art
Allow the children to glue sand to a piece of paper to create a beach scene. Add white torn paper for clouds, colored torn paper for umbrellas.

Make your own Leis
Supply the children with flower shapes, a hole punch and string. Have the children punch a hole in the flowers and lace them onto the string for a necklace.

Beach Towel
Have the children design their own beach towel with scraps of paper, ribbon, markers, crayons etc.

Beach Umbrella Art
Cut out a beach umbrella shape and have your child decorate it with paint, glitter, fabric, crayons, or whatever you can come up with.

Sunglasses Art
Cut out a sunglasses shape and have your child decorate it with paint, glitter, fabric, crayons, or whatever you can come up with.

I also showed them a book called "ToThe Beach!" written by Linda Ashman, which besides being a rhyming picture book, it is also really funny. The children couldn't stop saying "These people are crazy!"


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