CAPTAIN NO BEARD! by Carole P. Roman

Shiver me timbers!

Welcome aboard the Flying Dragon, a mighty Frigate that belongs to Captain no Beard and his hearty crew. 

There's Mongo the monkey who climbs the mast every morning to watch the horizon looking for storms, islands or big sea animals.

There's Linus the lion who's in charge of roaring the alarms.

There's Fribbit the floppy frog who can fast reach every spot of the ship whenever it  is necessary.

And, finally, there's Hallie the captain's first mate and cousin.

Together they live fantastic adventures, but also learn important lessons about friendship.

They teach each other what means to be a team and work together, even if you're the captain!

Based on a game the author Carole P. Roman used to play with her son, these books about pirates will surely inspire your children and launch them into their adventurous world of hearty pirate!

But... Look out! Being a captain is hard work!


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