Anorak - We love Writing... And your kids?

Summer is very close and many children around the world will be soon on holiday--if they aren't already.

Entertaining them during the next long, hot days is going to be quite easy if you're able to get the next issue of Anorak Magazine, dedicated to writing!

Writing is the most fun and, secretly every elephant wishes it could write!

It's true, spelling isn't always easy, but your fingers could become round like sausages if you never use a pen.

Which was the first writing system ever created, who invented it and why?

How did we arrive in the digital era and its keyboards?

Find it out in the history section and then try to correctly answer the writing trivia!

After that, you will have the great opportunity to write something in Russian, just to impress your classmates!

For the youngest kids there's an alpha-forest full of letters A-a, but how many?
There's a ancient Roman inscription to crack besides a coloring page and a 'spot the animal on the bus' activity.

As always you'll find comics, rhymes, drawings and books reviewed by children.

Definitely another Anorak issue for your collection!

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