EAT GOOD FOOD! by Stephane Husar and Loïc Méhée

Cat & Mouse, Eat Good Food

Here we are! Time goes by and food is the third subject I'm teaching over the next month. Again Cat and Mouse come to help me presenting some fruits and vegetables in an amusing way. 

Apple, banana, cherry, orange, strawberry, tomato, potato, carrot, lettuce and mushroom are the items that your very young learners will recognize on the book's colorful pages. As always, the structure is repetitive and easy to remember. 

With food, you can always introduce the verb 'like' , for example, playing the I LIKE IT!  game.

And once your kids have got confident with the vocabulary, you can also set up a little make-believe market with fake money (using numbers from 1 to 10) to start teaching more complex expressions like 'I would like…' , 'May / Can I have…' 'how much is it?' 'Here you are' etc.

This book also includes a CD you can use to do some listening drills. 
Actually it contains lively sounds and my pupils enjoyed it very much.

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