Have you ever found yourself in the unpleasant situation where the child you're teaching English has to learn a list of words as homework? 

Picture - Dictionary for children
You can feel the frustration spreading throughout your body, making your jaw tense up… and your brain is capable of producing only one question, in a loop: why on earth does this child have to learn a list of 20 to 30 words by heart when out there there are millions of resources much easier and more fun to achieve the same goal?

I haven't got an answer, yet. But I think we can prevent the aforementioned situation through a small daily effort to collect all the new words the children are learning.

You can buy your kid an address book or make one yourself and together start to fill it with words and pictures; dedicate a short time every day  and you'll save yourself the wicked lists of words!

I designed this dictionary for those who are preparing the Cambridge STARTERS exam. It includes the official vocabulary, that the kids have to know, organized under a letter, including some space to re-write the words and to draw a picture or place a sticker representing them. 

The fully dictionary is 94 pages long but it has got, also, 26 blank pages if you need more room for more terms.

If you want to take a look at more of my activities for young learners check out my page on englishbooks.es

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