It looks like my 3 (nearly 4) year-old students, who attend a bilingual public school here in Madrid, know the names of the parts of the body, mentioned in the famous song Head Shoulders Knees and Toes,  almost perfectly.

They also enjoy any activity related to this subject.

So, Mary's Tooth was exactly what I needed to close this cycle of lessons.

The book is about a little girl, probably the age of my children, who, one day, is eating a snack on the playground of her school.

At this point, (1st page) I heard: " No, no. ¡No se come en el patio! ¡Solo en el comedor!" (She can't eat in the playground! Only in the dining hall!)

I must admit that it was hilarious!

Well, turning pages, we find out that one of her teeth falls out and she carefully wraps it to take it home and safely place it under her pillow.

But, unfortunately, once she is back home, she can't find the tooth!!! 

If you play this moment up just a little, you'll notice a couple of reactions: some of the listener will sympathize with Mary showing a worried little face, while some others will try to find the tooth among the several school objects Mary's frantically throwing out of her schoolbag. 

Anyway, at some point the Tooth Fairy manages to fix the situation by passing the responsability to 'Ratoncito Perez' (a famous mouse who is the Spanish version of the Tooth Fairy), who manages to lead the story towards a happy ending.

Now, my students weren't totally satisfied with the present that Mary finds the next day. Therefore I took the opportunity to ask them what they were expecting and let them draw their answers.

This book, like The Moon is Cold and At The Fair, belongs to the First Steps collection, published by Algar Editorial.

Exactly like those previous one has got a little cartoon on the top left corner. This time it shows the Ratoncito Perez taking out a present.

Enjoy it!

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  1. So perfect for 4 to 6 year olds. It combines what they have just learned in school with a situation (loosing a tooth) that is a bit scary when it happens for the first time!