WITCH HAZEL by Enric Lluch

Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel is a little bored of poisoning apples in the Snow White tale and decides to visit Witch Bosslady to be relocated.
She is definitively a peculiar witch. She lands with her broom in the airport and uses the bus. She loves squid sandwiches, pays for the apples she's going to fill with a ton of poison and doesn't like arguments. She suffers chilblains and is very greedy.
Bossy Witch relocates her in Hansel and Gretel's story because the witch in charge is ill. Witch Hazel has to read the book to know what to do and finally she flies towards the chocolate house. 
For a little while everything happens according to the story we all know. Hansel is being kept prisoner in a cage and Gretel is going to light the oven. 
Due to the heat coming from the oven, the house starts to melt and… that's it! Witch Hazel manages to completely mess up Hansel and Gretel's tale because… she read only half the book!!!
Not a scary witch at all, is she? 
Edited by Algar Editorial, this incredibly illustrated book is part of a collection of ten titles called The Chest Full of Monsters where you'll find, besides Witch Hazel, all those creepy creatures, who usually scare our young readers, presented in a humorous way and unusual situations.  
For a more interactive experience The Witch, The Vampire, The Bogeyman and the Zombie are available for iPad too. You'll be able to choose among five languages, English, German, French, Spanish and Catalan, and also, to record your voice while reading it: it could be an alternative solution to teach pronunciation.
The publishing house gives us the opportunity to try The Zombie for free.
Don't miss it!

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