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Teaching English to children has become more and more relevant over the past 8 years here in the capital of Spain.

Every month, through my blogs and by word of mouth, parents get in touch with me to ask for English classes for their children. Sometimes it's because the kids need help with school homework, other times it's just because they are aware of just how important English will be for their offspring in the near future.

So, are you ready to get into business?

I'm Lucy, and I've developed a English teaching method that works really well with children and makes parents happy. You can get an idea of my method by looking at my blog. I have many hours to offer to those teachers who like being with children and are not scared of working on their own.

I will provide the training, materials and assessment, as well as hours of classes with children in Madrid centre, of course. Furthermore after putting it all into practice and getting approval from parents, your profile will be hosted on my blogs as a trusty and valuable teacher for kids.

You'll become a some kind of franchisee of Miss Lucy's Teaching Fun, but without the entry fee.
The franchisee agrees to pay a monthly fee based on the classes he or she will be teaching every month, as well as to prepare and run the classes in line with set guidelines and quality standards.

The fee is minimal, because I'm not an academy, so I don't need to exploit you. In fact,  I'm giving you this opportunity because I don't like how academies take advantage of their teachers (which is a long story I'll tell you about during training classes) and I want kids to be happy while learning English.

I'm looking for skilled, reliable, creative, passionate and curious teachers with a high level of English.
You must be prepared to play (sometimes even football), sing, have fun, create personalized classes, but also be firm if needed. As you can see, a communicative personality, organizational skills and a bit of entrepreneurial spirit are necessary.

Get in touch and let's talk about it!

Here's my e-mail: misslucysteachingfun@gmail.com

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