AT THE FAIR by Enric Lluch

This cute illustrated book talks about a small young man, Alex, who is at the fair with his parents.

He is 4 or 5 and can't resist the temptation of having everything he comes across in this amusing colorful place. So, when he sees the balloons, of course he wants one. And when he sees the toffee-apples kart, he can't resist having one.

His parents are nice and they buy him both things, but the problems start when he sees the ice-cream stand. 

He hasn't got any empty hand, but he demands for his strawberry ice-cream as any 4 year-old child would do. He hasn't realized that to hold the cone he will lose something else. 

Well, I suppose you can imagine the development of the story.

And don't have any doubts: your students will enjoy it! Especially because they will recognize themselves in the protagonist, but also for the topic and the appetising items that appear in the story.

You can emphasize the part where Alex becomes very naughty about the ice-cream, and ask your students if they sometimes behave that way too. You'll be amazed by their honesty!!!

Anyway, they will also learn a good lesson!

This book is edited by Algar Editorial and belongs to the collection 'First Steps' that presents positive messages about kids' environment throughout easy texts and full-page pictures, but not only that!  There's a little cartoon that appears on the top left corner of the left pages that will entertain your children once more.

Enjoy it!